Nowadays, you might be thinking that with a majority of people having an air conditioner installed at home, the prevalence of ceiling fans would be fading away. No, this isn’t true since the smarter customers still are pretty aware about the actual importance of ceiling fans. The ceiling fans, even if you have an AC installed inside the room, help in circulating that cool air all over the room for more comfort. At the night, you may put your AC on a 2-3 hours timer and switch on the ceiling fan, which is going to help you save a lot of energy and thus save a lot of money.

For buying a ceiling fan for your house, there isn’t any brand apart from Bajaj, which is going to provide you the best ceiling fans that are going to be real easy to your pocket. The Bajaj fans have been manufactured keeping the Indian weather conditions as well as the usage in mind and hence have long been performing well on the market. But, since there are several ceiling fan models that Bajaj markets, you might get confused so as to which Bajaj Ceiling Fan you must opt for. No worries, we have your covered as we have listed down the 5 Best Bajaj Fans on the market to make the choice a bit easier.

Bajaj New Panther 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

There are several people who simply want a ceiling fan therefore mainly because to get ample circulation of air inside the room and absolutely nothing else. For those, the Bajaj New Panther can be heading to perform the work ideal owing to the high rotating acceleration that it provides at a fairly reasonable cost. This simple ceiling lover from Bajaj comprises of the dual ball bearing, which enables for a muted operating and helps you get a sound sleep. With the rust-free powder coated finish, there isn’t anything to worry about as far as corrosion is usually concerned. The company further offers a 2-years warranty on the product for after-sales assistance.

  • Amazon
  • M.R.P.: ₹ 1,460.00
  • Price: ₹ 1,407.00
  • You Save: 53
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  • Flipkart
  • M.R.P.: ₹ 1,460.00
  • Price: ₹1,450.00
  • You Save: 10
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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • A complete value for money ceiling fan for a reasonable cost
  • Comes with a quick-start high torque motor for superior performance
  • Comprises of double ball bearings for silent operation and durability
  • Don’t need to worry about corrosion with the powder coated finish
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

Bajaj Elegance 1200 mm Premium Ceiling Fan

Further, there are people who would like to get some frills with their ceiling fan to get their room’s setting even more enhanced. The Bajaj Elegance is going to be the best choice for them as it provides you with both power as well as elegance. This decorative ceiling fan comprises of a shiny ring on the motor and eye-catching trims on its blades. Additionally , the fan comes with the specially intended motor with broader tip blades for supreme air delivery. The body has been laminated with the top-class electric steel to provide durability and longer life.

  • Amazon
  • M.R.P.: ₹ 2,415.00
  • Price: ₹ 2,281.00
  • You Save: ₹ 134.00 (6%)
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  • Flipkart
  • M.R.P.: ₹3,780
  • Price: ₹3,780
  • You Save: 0
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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • A decorative fan comprising of a glossy finish & dominant performance
  • Comprises of a shiny ring on the motor & attractive trim on the blades
  • The wider tip blades and the special designed motor offer the best air delivery
  • Comes with a high-grade electric steel lamination for a longer life
  • With the superior ball bearing you get silent operation and durability.

Bajaj Euro 1200 mm Premium Ceiling Fan

The complete line-up of Bajaj threshold fans further comprises of some fans having a really striking and unique design, which is gonna augment the overall appearance with the room. This ceiling enthusiast comprises of specially designed blades, which in turn provide you with a stylish appearance together with the amazing air throw. Because of the double ball mechanical bearing, the fan functions quite quietly so that you may get an excellent sound sleep whenever you and also. The fan has been coated with a 2-years manufacturer warrantee so as to provide you with the much needed after-sales support.
  • Amazon
  • M.R.P.: ₹ 3,015.00
  • Price: ₹ 2,640.00
  • You Save: ₹ 375.00 (12%)
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  • Flipkart
  • M.R.P.: ₹3,709.00
  • Price: ₹2,899.00
  • You Save: ₹ 810.00 (21%)
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Why Do We Recommend It:

  • Comes with an innovative design to enhance you room’s appearance
  • The wider tip blades along with high-grade motor offer top air delivery
  • Comprises of the double ball bearing for silent operation & longer life
  • Offers an automatic winding for amazing reliability and high-quality
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of energy, hence diminishes the electricity bills.

Bajaj Regal Gold 4 Blade 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

You may be thinking that isn’t there any kind of ceiling fan having a regal or elegant look, which may be installed inside the drawing area. With Bajaj, you have a ceiling fan for every kind of setting. This time it is the Bajaj Regal Gold ceiling lover, which comes in with an actually royal appearance and a stylish gold finish. Comprising of 4 blades, the Royal Gold is capable of offering you the comforting air in each and every single corner of the place. Additionally , having a power ranking of just 65 w, this ceiling fan uses really less power and therefore brings down that electricity expenses considerably.

  • Amazon
  • M.R.P.: ₹ 2,600.00
  • Price: ₹ 2,199.00
  • You Save: ₹ 401.00 (15%)
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  • Flipkart
  • M.R.P.: ₹2,575.00
  • Price: ₹2,415.00
  • You Save: ₹2,575(6% off )
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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Suitable to install inside your living room to enhance its appearance
  • Comprises of 4-blades to provide air in every single corner of the room
  • Comes with a large size motor along with a decorative ring and 2-tone colors
  • The double ball bearing facilitates the silent operation for sound sleep
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty on the product

Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300mm Ceiling Fan

With this ceiling fan, Bajaj has definitely surpassed every single brand or manufacturer as far as the design is concerned. The Bajaj Cruzair comprises of a really path breaking design along with the wide angular blades for superior air delivery and air throw. This Bajaj fans also comes with a metallic finish to further augment the appearance of the fan and prevent corrosion. Additionally, this ceiling fan offers a 1300mm sweep, which is even higher than the standard 1200mm mark. The 2-years manufacturer warranty further tells you about the quality of the fan.

  • Amazon
  • M.R.P.: ₹ 3,990.00
  • Price: ₹ 3,138.00 + 180.00 Delivery charge
  • You Save: ₹ 852.00 (21%)
  • Check Out

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers you with a path-breaking design to enhance your room’s appearance
  • The wide angular blades provide you with an amazing air delivery
  • Comes with an elegant metallic finish that also turns it corrosion-free
  • The power consumed by this fan is really less at 66 watts that saves money
  • Covered with a 2-years manufacturer warranty for after-sales service.

Since we have now completely analyzed and reviewed the Top 5 Bajaj Fans on the market, it is going to be really easy for our users to choose the best one as per their requirement. All the ceiling fans that we have listed here are all powerful and provide you with the finest air distribution. Apart from that, every single Bajaj fans comes with a decent warranty period, which further tells you about the overall quality of the material that they use and the high-grade machinery. Even then, if there are some customers who aren’t that sure so as to which Bajaj Ceiling Fan they must opt for, then they should go with our personal suggestion, to catch the best ceiling fan, which is going to suit any sort of room settings.

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